Just because you have 'stuff' doesn't mean you have to live with it 
and carry it around with you for the rest of your life

You Deserve Better!  
YES!  You deserve more money, more joy, better health,
exhilarating relationships and a wonderful life!

Sometimes we've just got stuff that gets in the way of what we really say we want.
And, the worst part is, half the time, we're not exactly sure 'what' is in the way.
It feels like being stuck, fearful, or perpetual paralysis and procrastination
Yet, you know it's 'time' to finally get rid of it so you can move forward.

In this powerful 1-Day live EFT workshop 'Get Rid of My Stuff' 
You can take a Quantum Leap into the life you've been waiting for
in this full day of tapping on Saturday,
February 23, 2013.  

We're going to dive deep and discover what's stopping you 
and what's in the way of your abundance
(in Money, Health, Relationships, Career, etc)
and release as much as we can so you can and live the life you want.

This is for you if . . . http://www.GetRidOfMyStuff.net

   You feel stuck and have to get out of your rut
   You're not quite sure
what's holding you back
   You want more money, or as I like to call them, 'Fun Tickets' in your life
   You're anxious and you don't know why
   You're ready to FINALLY let go of whatever's stopping you from having awesome
          relationships, health, career, joy and more!
   You're ready to let go of small or large past traumas
   You're ready to let go of any fears or doubts and stop sabotaging yourself
   The Law of Attraction isn't working the way you want it to
   You're saying
'I really need to Get Rid of My Stuff'
   You know you deserve more, NOW!

2013 is the Year of letting go, getting clarity and receiving what you want in your life.
Don't wait another second!

YES! I'm Ready
to 'Get Rid of My Stuff'

With the guidance of a Master of EFT -  in 1 Day you can take a Quantum Leap.
Listen, everyone has fear and doubts - blocks and unconscious non-beneficial beliefs. But most don't know what they are.  
Then, we wonder why we're not getting what we want in life or why things aren't going the way we want them to.  If you've spent a good deal of time criticizing yourself for something you have or haven't manifested in your life, don't you think it's time to get out of that continuous loop and release the 'stuff' that weakens you and your ability to create?
Thankfully there's a way now, using a state-of-the-art mindset technique that gets rid of stuff rather Quickly and Easily.  
We're going to go deep and work fast. No more taking years trying to unravel what's wrong - so you can start living the life you want now.  

Seriously - Imagine it be easy . . . 

   To attract more abundance into your life
   Create healthy and joyful relationships
   Feel relaxed when life throws you a loop
   Have more clarity on your life purpose
   Feel great in your body
   Have more joy in your life!

Hear what others had to say . . .

"I think I just got part of my soul back"

"Kim has really got a gift and her great sense of things was amazing"

"I got a new job making a lot more money"

"You helped take me from my darkest days to starting my own business after our work together"

"Kim, thank you for changing my life in eight minutes"

"Thank you for taking me from $3000 per month to $12,000 per month by getting rid of my money blocks"

"I have fondly named you 'The Pain Eater'

"Working with Kim was like therapy on steroids"
"My experience with Kim was one of the most spiritually rigorous and rewarding experiences of this life's journey"

"Run -don't walk - to work with Kim"

"You are like a beautiful, loving, enthusiastic, focused pain transformer and in your intense and focused way, you happily and lovingly search out the pain to dissolve it and 'Get the Job Done!' - How Delightful!"

"Thank you for my new found freedom"

"Abuse led me to think 'I' was crazy and I didn't think life could ever get any better and I just had to handle the way it was. You made me realize that there's nothing I have to handle because as you say 'When you handle it, you just hold it down, you've got to release it . . . permanently'.  With your help, the release I've gotten makes me want to get up every day. Now I have hope and see a better future"

How would you like to stop being 'strong' and start being 'you'?

It just starts with you deciding that you are not going to stay where you are.

You Deserve It!

YES! I'm ready
to 'Get Rid of My Stuff' now

    P.S. BONUS for the first 13 people to register.
 You'll get Kim's 'My Daily Manifestation CD'
   A 8 minute CD that covers every area of manifestation in your life.  It's EASY -
    There's nothing for you to do - Just play it in the background as you're getting ready
      in the morning (or any time of day) for 30 days and watch your life shift!

(You'll receive it at the workshop)

For a low cost to work with Kim, an EFT Expert, personally one-on-one in this intimate gathering for 1 day
 that can change the direction of the rest of your life, 
how can you not INVEST in yourself and
experience an immediate shift. 

Value $497 (Limited Seating)

  Only $247  ($250 savings)


EASY 3 PAY Option of Only $97


See you there!  Hugs, Kim

Date:  February 23 (Saturday), 2013

Time:  9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Central) - (registration begins at 8:30 a.m.)

Location:  Embassy Suites Minneapolis Airport (near the airport)
7901 34th Ave South, Bloomington, MN 55425  (map)

Beautiful 2-room Suites
1-952-854-1000 (Friday night King $109, Double $129 includes complimentary breakfast)
Ask for Shortcut to Success special pricing if you wished to reserve a room at the hotel

(Spring Water, Tea & Coffee provided)

I'm Ready!

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Kim Eisen, Success Mentor and Master of EFT has been assisting her clients release their blocks and live the life 
they want since 1999. Best Selling co-Author with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, et al in the book 
'WAKE-UP: Live the Life You Love - Finding Personal Freedom'.

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